Personalized gold/silver bracelet. (Code: TX 117)

Bracelet personalized (silver and gold) with a name and a inner engraved.
Madirolas Jewelry Design.
PLAIN bracelet, personalized with a name, a inner engraved and polished gloss.
Choose the name and the inner engraved (date, message,...) you want and we do.
Sterling Silver 925.(46,0 grs.) Gold 18k (2,6 grs. aprox.). Wide: 20
mm. Delivery time. Consult this jpg file for calculating the size.
Technical elaboration: Idea. 3D designed. Step by metal. Casting. Finish and polish using the techniques of the craftsman jeweler.All works of MADIROLAS JEWELS are presented in custom boxes, adding a unique touch to a design gift.Please fill in the "Details" for any other characteristic you want to specify.

* Required
Price: 320.00 EUR
Company MAXXmarketing GmbH





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